1) PUR / Perfect & Burst Binding
PUR / Perfect & Burst BindingWe can produce various soft bound books, whether it be PUR, Perfect or Burst (notch/dovetail) Bound, up to speeds of 4,000 cph.

Our Muller Martini Pantera Binder is capable of binding books with 4pp, 6pp, 8pp, 10pp and even pocket covers. It has a maximum size of 380mm head to foot and 300mm spine to foredge. We are able to bind book as little as 2mm thick up to the maximum of 50mm. Top ^
PUR (Polyurethane Reactive)
At Epf we strongly recommend using PUR adhesive, as it's versatile on a wide range of substrates. PUR Glue will form a superior bond with most weights and finishes of paper stocks. The aggressiveness of PUR adhesive makes it ideal for books where heavy ink coverage is present, although we strongly recommend that the spine and hinged area of the inside of the cover is free from inks and seals!

We suggest that all books which require a long shelf life and frequent use e.g. Reference Books, Catalogues and Annual Reports are bound using PUR glue. Top ^

2) Miniature Stitching
Miniature StitchingMost Saddle stitched books are A4 or A5 and we produce thousands of them, but why restrict yourself!

A smaller book can have a better impact and is more environmentally friendly.

We produce miniature saddle stitched books, two, three and four up but with the correct planning and the right imposition we can sometimes produce them one up. This is especially useful for short run projects.

The smallest book we have produced so far was a mere 45x40mm and it even had a hole drilled for stringing purposes, but we are always ready for our next challenge. The planning of these small books is important and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas at the early stages. Top ^

3) Miniature Binding
Miniature BindingSmall bound books look great! Miniature bound books have a variety of uses, such as Guarantee Books, Membership Books, Flick Books and Instruction Manuals. We have a great deal of experience in producing these books and as with other miniature items the secret is in the planning. So please talk to us as early as possible about your requirements so we can offer the best advice on how to produce it.

The smallest books we have Bound was as little as 32mm x 25mm so far!
Top ^

4) Loop and 2up Stitching
Loop and 2up StitchingSaddle stitched books are usually very conventional items. They can be enhanced with the addition of flaps on the cover, pockets, apertures, perforated sections, reply cards and throw outs.


Have you ever considered coloured stitching wire? We have an extensive range of colours available! At Epf we can finish books down to 89x75mm 2up on our stitcher in one pass with the use of our 5 knife trimmer but can go smaller. (please refer to miniature stitching) We can also stitch books with one, two, three or four loops so that the book can be inserted into a ring binder. We recently finished a miniature book with one loop stitch, which enabled a lanyard to be attached. Top ^

5) Miniature / Pharmaceutical Folding
Miniature / Pharmaceutical FoldingMiniature or Pharmaceutical folding requires specialist machinery. We have several small format folding machines enabling us to fold down to very minute sizes. Our minimum fold is around 18mm, we are usually limited to the number of folds or by the weight of the material. Please contact us to discuss your needs. We also have several large format folding machines enabling us to fold up to B1 sheet size ranging from 4pp to 48pp configurations. Top ^

6) Credit Card / Pocketing Information Guides
Credit Card / Pocketing Information GuidesThese are miniature folded leaflets, which are usually folded down to 85 x 55mm by way of various configurations ranging from a basic 4pp up to a 48pp. They would normally have a 4pp cover or 2pp Front and Back covers attached. The covers can be Laminated, Die Cut with round corners or square cut depending on your specification. The weight of the material is very crucial for miniature folding so please inform us before printing! Top ^

7) Laminating
LaminatingLaminating can enhance the look of a job and add a touch of quality. We can laminate sheets from SRA4 to to B2 using a thermal laminate. We have the option of Gloss, Matt, and Silk. We have recently introduced a 'scuff free matt' film which is not prone to the usual marking problems of standard matt lamination. Top ^

8) Die Cutting
Die CuttingWe have two sizes of die cutting/crease machines enabling us to run sheet sizes from a5 up to B2. We are able to produce kiss cut labels, creased and folded 4pp/6pp leaflets, die cut folders, maltese crosses, CD wallets, report covers and boxes. Many of the items need further processing, such as folders which need gluing or leaflets which need collating or inserting by hand. (refer to handwork) Top ^

9) Automatic Pocket & Folder Gluing
Automatic Pocket & Folder GluingOur Moll gluing machine is extremely versatile. We can produce folders, with one or two pockets. We can also glue folders with a Capacity subject to one or two restrictions. The moll gluing machine can produce a variety of products ranging from straight line DVD boxes / CD wallet to envelopes. Some jobs may require hand assembly due to the technicality of the folds or size. Top ^

10) Handwork & Shrink Wrapping
HandworkDespite the ever increasing levels of automation, there is still a need for some finishing to be completed by hand. We have a dedicated and versatile team of bench workers, they are ready to collate, glue, insert, pack, affix CD's onto folders, produce wobblers and add a dust jacket to a book. We also use them to affix the covers to the pocket reference guides, four hole drill, shrink wrap and make up capacity wallets plus many other jobs which require skilled hands. Top ^